PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Cagliari

PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Cagliari
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Cagliari
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Juventus-Cagliari

Coach Massimiliano Allegri and goalscorers Gleison Bremer and Daniele Rugani comment on Juventus' victory over Cagliari at the Allianz Stadium.


"Winning matches is never easy. At 2-0 we were in control, we were managing well then we conceded a goal by conceding a corner from a counterattack. But I must say that we defended well, not allowing Cagliari to cross, and only risking once with Dossena. Now the next match will be Juve-Inter, which should be a wonderful evening of football. Being two points behind Inter is something that no one expected at the start of the season, praise should be given to the boys. However, Inter are the favourites and have been building for years to win the Scudettio for us this victory mainly serves to build our lead from fifth. Let's think about ourselves, we have to improve in managing the ball after we take the lead; and then we must never lose but rather strengthen the desire to run and fight. We don't want to get too excited, we keep our feet on the ground, this is our strength."


"I'm happy with the match and for my goal, it had been a while. In defense we are working well, Rugani is having a good season, we must continue like this, that's what the Coach asks of us. We have one game a week and there is a lot of time to work and also, everyone who comes on the pitch helps out a lot. Now we look forward to the game against Inter: we know that they are a great team, they are doing well. However, we have great determination and this is our strength, we must continue like this."


"We are very happy to have scored goals from dead ball situations, we had scored a few recently. Furthermore, I am happy for Gleison, who has been solid for a while, and also for myself, having helped the team bring home three fundamental points. We reach this international break with a sense of calmness, we can now recharge our batteries and start again with Inter. Both we and they will have pressure, because the points count, even though there are many games left, and because at this point it will be a direct clash. My role? I can be a point of reference for the younger players, it is a role that I am happy to have and that I intend to carry forward in my career, because we are a young and developing team and even non-talkative examples are important. Allegri has great strength, he maintains a balance, a positivity, an energy in all moments of the season. He has demonstrated this over many years of his career and now I think he too will go into the break calmly, because we had an important month."

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