PRESS ROOM | Comments after Milan-Juventus

PRESS ROOM | Comments after Milan-Juventus
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Milan-Juventus
PRESS ROOM | Comments after Milan-Juventus

Coach Massimiliano Allegri, captain Adrien Rabiot and goalscorer Manuel Locatelli comment on Juventus' victory over Milan at San Siro.


“It was a game played well defensively in the first half, b football is made up of moments and a good play by Kean then gave us numerical superiority following Milan’s red card. In the closing stages we had to manage the game better, with more patience, without giving Milan the chance to go on the counterattack; when you’re a man up, you don't dribble, you don't make tackles or pass in the narrow channels, but it's normal: many of the lads are young and playing at San Siro is not easy. Having said that, I just have to thank my players, I'm very happy. Defending very well, Leao could have been the difference, but Gatti and Bremer, like the whole team, didn't concede anything. This victory gives us a different dimension only if we are aware of what we need to do to improve: if we are satisfied just with the win, we won't go far, it is not a match that changes too much. Today I'm also happy for the debut of Huijsen, who entered with serenity and maturity, not normal for someone born in 2005. We'll try to have a good first half of the season, and then we'll see. Locatelli? He is a Juventus player, temperamentally and technically."


“It was an important victory. We wanted to show that we are here, we have the goal of finishing among the top teams, and this comes from matches like tonight's. The attitude was good, we didn't give them an inch. I am happy to have worn the armband, I love this Club and its history, it is the fifth year that I have been here, so for me it is an honour. Now let's not give up, the championship is long, but with this attitude I believe in it. Loca told me that he had scored against Juve, today was just the right moment to score for us. The Coach always wants to give 100%, he gives us a lot of energy; we also won today thanks to Nicolò and Danilo who were up there in the stands."


"Life is truly incredible: on the same day as seven years ago, I score a goal at San Siro, which I dedicate to my family. Rabiot told me to score in the right goal... For me this is a special place, I grew up here, so it's really a special evening, because I now play in the team where I wanted to be. The numerical superiority helped us, but we had set up the match this way; the difference between us and the others? We still have to mature, we are a team under construction, with many young players, we can do great things with humility and sacrifice. For now the goal is the Champions League, then we'll see in March."

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