Press Room | Comments after Monza-Juventus 

Press Room | Comments after Monza-Juventus 
Press Room | Comments after Monza-Juventus 
Press Room | Comments after Monza-Juventus 

Coach Massimiliano Allegri, match-winner Federico Gatti and Alex Sandro comment after Friday night's dramatic victory over Monza.


"We played a good first half and were aggressive with good opportunities to make it 2-0. In the second half they held the ball more, we risked very little, then Carboni found the goal. Afterwards there was an immediate reaction and the boys did well to find the victory. When you work and there is positivity in the group and in the environment, with a group that always questions itself, you have something that you have to follow through to the end. Winning matches is difficult, we know our limits, we always have to work on them. Now we hope to recover all the players soon, but this is a group that is doing important things, but we must not stop, and continue working week after week to always improve. The penalty missed by Dusan Vlahovic? He played a good game, he stayed in the match even after the mistake and this is the most important thing. We increased our lead over fifth in the standings, but I repeat, these are three important points obtained away from a team that took six points away from us last year, who had prevented us from scoring."


"It's a crazy feeling to score such an important goal. We told ourselves before the match that in the end we had to be first in the table. I'm disappointed about the goal conceded, because in my opinion we could have done more, we were tired, but I'm happy to have made up for it immediately. These are three points that weigh a lot. We always play to win, it was a very tough match against a tough and compact team who beat us in the first leg and the second leg last time. Tonight we won. I live for this team and this group, I put everything aside for my teammates, this is my second family. Hard work always pays off, if I think back to last year, when I made a mistake for the Monza goal and then I think about today's emotions. I realised I had to work even harder on and off the field."


"I felt good, I'm happy to be back and above all I'm happy with the team's victory. I worked well with the staff, whom I thank for coming back well. These games are nice to play, it's better to win in a more relaxed way, but it was great. Here we know that to win, you have to suffer. I'm also happy with Danilo's return, he's an important person for the whole team."

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