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Reimbursements for Juve-Lyon: all the info! 

Reimbursements for Juve-Lyon: all the info! 
Reimbursements for Juve-Lyon: all the info! 
Reimbursements for Juve-Lyon: all the info! 

In light of the absolute peculiarity of the national context, and pending the definition of the data, time and place of the match valid for the return of the Champions League Round of 16 2019/20 match between Juventus and Lyon, Juventus FC has decided, in exceptional exception to the recent applicable legislation, as well as to the contractual conditions currently in force - to reimburse the price of the single ticket purchased and paid by the fans through the official sales channels for the match originally scheduled for March 17, 2020.

The ways in which the fans will receive, starting from Friday, 3 July 2020, the refund of the price paid for the ticket (s) for the Juventus vs Lyon match are as follows:

1. Fans who purchased the ticket on the website or through the Ticketone call center, will automatically and without the need for requests, obtain a refund equal to the amount indicated on the ticket, by crediting the same card that was used to purchase the tickets. 

2. Fans who purchased the ticket at the betting shop will receive access to the refund page (, and they will have to follow the procedure for refunding the purchased ticket. In the procedure, you are asked to enter the letterpress number and a copy of the tickets. We recommend checking the image quality before sending. The sending of tickets by registered mail is not required. The procedure will be online. The refund form with the attachments must be received by TicketOne by 3 August 2020.

3. Members enrolled in an Official Fan Club who have purchased the single ticket, contact their Club - which has applied for tickets on their behalf through the dedicated portal - in order to obtain a refund of the price specified on the ticket. More information will be communicated through the dedicated JOFC portal.

4. Fans who purchased through Juventus Fan Service will receive instructions on how to proceed via a dedicated e-mail.

5. For the refund of the coupons of the Legends Club grandstand, buyers will be contacted through the usual channels dedicated to them.

The reimbursement is provided for the re-crediting of the ticket price is expected that there will be service fees and/or additional charges applied by the ticket service provider.

This reimbursement initiative includes the purchase, by the fans, of single tickets for the Juventus vs Lyon match in the Champions League, purchased through official Juventus channels. Subscriptions, packages covering multiple matches or services are provided: in relation to these conditions, the contractual provisions in force remain pending. Also pending are official decisions regarding the competitions currently suspended. Further information and communications will be published on the website.