Thanks for everything, Eni!

Thanks for everything, Eni!
Thanks for everything, Eni!
Thanks for everything, Eni!

Saturday November 30th will be a special evening for Eniola Aluko and for Juventus Women. The fixture against Fiorentina, besides being a top-flight Serie A clash, will be Eniola Aluko's "last" in black and white.

The English champion has decided to bid farewell to Juventus Women.

“I have come to the difficult decision to leave Juventus in December and I want to share some words from my heart,” she wrote in an official letter. “After winning the Supercoppa recently, I felt a sense of great completion with my time at Juventus, after also winning the Coppa Italia and Scudetto. I feel very fortunate to have achieved such success with all of you in my 18 months at the club.

She added: “My heart is full to know that I have added three trophies at a special club as Juventus with special memories. I thank you all so much for this.”

These are just some of the phrases Eni addressed to her team – a team in which she shared an iconic and memorable adventure alongside her teammates. Aluko leaves as a winner, having brought home a trio of gold medals whilst wearing the iconic black and white jersey. In Italy, she racked up 15 goals in Serie A… And they were strikes, that more often than not, were decisive for the Bianconere, with nine fixtures ending victorious out of the ten games she got onto the scoresheet.

Aluko’s final two games will certainly be distinct in their own way: the first, set to take place in a few days time against Roma, holds special memories for her: it was against the Giallorosse that she scored her first Serie A hat-trick.

The second, will see her career in Bianconera come full circle: eight months ago, she formed part of the team of protagonists that performed in front of an unforgettable sold out crowd against Fiorentina at the "Première" at Allianz Stadium. It was a day that was destined to change the face of women’s football, and she, like her companions, can proudly say she was there that day.

On November 30th, Eni’s final game, will see her come up against the exact same opponent as that sunny day in March, Fiorentina – an opponent in which the victories have certainly outweighed the setbacks. In fact, it was also against La Viola in which Aluko swung aloft two of the three trophies she won while in Turin: the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa, while one could argue the Scudetto crown too was won against the Tuscan club after a season-long head-to-head battle.

After the victory in Cesena, the striker was asked to describe her time at the club in one word, and without hesitation, she responded: “Success”. With three pieces of silverware to her name, an array of goals scored and memorable dance celebrations, Aluko’s time at the club has been nothing short of prosperous. And we can say with certainty, that at the end of the game next week Saturday, a special hug will be shared between her, her teammates, the staff and the fans.

Thank you for everything, Eni!

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