VLAHOVIC: “Proud to have signed for such a glorious club”

VLAHOVIC: “Proud to have signed for such a glorious club”
VLAHOVIC: “Proud to have signed for such a glorious club”
VLAHOVIC: “Proud to have signed for such a glorious club”


“I am emotional and proud to have signed for Juventus. I am ready to give my all for this glorious club to reach its objectives. The choice was easy. The Juventus DNA: the desire to fight, to never give up, to aim to be the best - all these elements are also part of my character. I fit in here.

“I want to the thank the president and everyone else who made this move possible.”



“Whatever the coach asks I’m ready to follow, whether in attack or in defensive duties. I’ll adapt to the playing system set out by the coach. There is not one player who can decide a match on his own. It’s the team that must work together and only with the team working together can we win.

“My immediate objective is to settle in as quickly as possible, to get to know my new teammates on a personal level.

“I have arrived at one of the biggest, most successful clubs in the world. I aim to behave in an exemplary way to lead Juventus to victory.”


"The players I admired when growing up is not so important. Being a role model at 22 is strange. I am still young and all that’s happening around me hasn’t sunk in yet.

"As for Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe - I am following my own path. How far I’ll reach, I don’t know, but I’ll give my all to achieve as much as possible.

"In modern football, every detail makes the difference. It’s all about dedication and hard work, day after day. I’m trying to improve as a player whether on the training pitch or in the gym. Away from training, I work constantly to improve the mental side of my game.

"I must remain humble, and off the pitch I’m not interested in houses or other distractions. I’m interested only on the business in hand on the pitch."



"The number 7 shirt doesn’t mean anything in particular. I chose the number seven because it was the nearest to the number nine. Every shirt at Juventus weighs heavy on a player’s shoulders. The number of the individual shirt is not important. What is important is that we take to the pitch with dedication and determination."


"I spoke to Federico Chiesa before making my decision. We were teammates together at Fiorentina. It’s a shame he’s injured, but we’ll wait for him to return.

"I want to thank everyone at Fiorentina who helped me mature and make me the player I am today."

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