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      First Sustainability Budget presented

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      Juventus draw up a document, in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, to identify the issues regarding which they can construct, maintain and develop a dialogue with their principal stakeholders

      Juventus presented their first Sustainability Budget during the shareholders' meeting at Juventus Stadium this morning. It was unveiled in a speech by Chief Executive Officer Aldo Mazzia.

      The Sustainability Budget is a document whereby Juventus formally commit to construct, maintain and develop a transparent dialogue with its principal stakeholders. These range from investors to the media, from suppliers to institutions, from the tertiary sector to fans and sponsors.

      Juventus were keen to draw up a Sustainability Budget in accordance with the guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s leading authority on the matter.

      The document’s objective is to clearly tackle all of the most sensitive issues that Juventus must face on a daily basis, remaining mindful of the club’s role not just in the sporting world, but in society as a whole.

      These are the main points upon which the Sustainability Budget and the daily actions of the club are based:

      - Anti-doping
      - Stadium safety
      - Focus on youth
      - Fight against racism and intolerance
      - Fair play and respect for the rules of the game
      - Financial sustainability
      - Anti-corruption
      - Corporate governance and business ethics
      - Fan behaviour
      - Environmental impact of the stadium

      These are all issues that regularly crop up in public debate. Whilst realising the limited potential of one club alone, Juventus believe they are in a strong position to contribute to identifying some common responses.

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