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      Chiellini hungry for final place

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      Giorgio Chiellini calls on his team-mates to dig deep and push for the line this month, beginning with tomorrow's semi-final against Monaco


      "It’s not a coincidence that we can make seven or eight changes from one game to the next and maintain the same level of intensity. Our focus and consistency is the result of a great team spirit that has grown over the course of the season without which no side can hope to win anything.

      "Defending is a team effort. If we don’t concede goals it’s because we are well-balanced and work hard off the ball. It would be unfair to give all the credit to us guys at the back since it requires all 11 players on the field to do their jobs to produce results like ours."


      "The relationship between myself, Leonardo, Gianluigi and Andrea is extraordinary. Between all playing together for our clubs and our country, we see each other more than our own families!

      "As the more experienced guys in the squad it’s our duty to help bring through the next generation of Juventus players because it is them that will decide the future of the club." 


      "I’d say the greatest difference between this Juventus and the one you saw in the final two years ago is inner belief. I don’t think any of us really expected to go all the way to Berlin but we grew into the competition as it went on.

      "We showed maybe a little too much respect to Barcelona in the final and that showed in our performance.

      "This time around we know how to manage the key moments and we have the confidence to go toe to toe with Europe’s best in the knowledge that we have what it takes to beat them.

      "That spirit and desire comes from above; the mentality of a team and the results they go on and achieve depend on the club. The fact that we play with the right mentality is credit to the management." 


      "We did brilliantly to keep them out in the first leg, largely thanks to Buffon who made some brilliant saves and was busier than he is used to.

      "As a pair, Falcao and Mbappé complement each other very well both in terms of their skill-sets and their relative experience at this level." 


      "The best sides think one game at a time. Our focus right now has to be on Monaco tomorrow night; if we manage the 95 minutes correctly and produce a performance worthy of a final, then we can allow ourselves to think about Cardiff.

      "We were in the same position two seasons ago but lost in Berlin and last year we were unfortunate to be eliminated by Bayern Muncih last year after playing well enough to go through.

      "Reaching those levels in the past showed that we had the potential to go on and win it all and that’s what we hope to achieve this year, taking one step at a time.

      "Knowing that there is still everything to play for in the next 30 days is huge motivation for us. We’ve been working so hard as a group for the past nine months in order to be ready for moments like this and when you see that your goals are this close, you can’t help put push even harder."




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