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      Barzagli: "Great motivation against Milan"

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      The defender looks ahead to the San Siro, Italy's upcoming playoff, VAR and more!

      It was a good week for Juventus who secured six points from matches against SPAL and Udinese while scoring ten goals in the process, but for Allegri and the Bianconeri it's not enough. More than just the goals, the squad is focusing on those conceded and know they have to tighten things up at the back.

      Andrea Barzagli, a defender with a storied career of stout play at the back, agrees with Allegri.

      "The Mister's words are right. He only wants to make us even better," explains the defender to Sky Sports and Mediaset's microphones. "It is a pleasure to score goals, especially on a team like ours who has always added strength and solidarity. We have also made mistakes which you cannot afford during the season.

      We are doing well on the execution plan but we know when we play tougher squads where it is very tough to score, we cannot make defensive errors. Against SPAL, we played well for the first 20 or 30 minutes and had the result in hand. When we have these leads and start to take our foot off the gas, it becomes complicated. We must be more mature and if we want to have success, put the games out of reach."


      Four, five, six goals in a game, in short is not enough: "In recent years, we have never scored so much, but at the same time when there will be difficult matches against the top teams, it will be difficult to make four or five goals," continued Barzagli. "Defensive solidity is at our core and the whole team is talking about it. We must have the urge to work hard. When we have the ball, with the talented players we have, we can still make mistakes, but we must find the mentality that has always characterized us. "


      The competition at the top is fierce, setting up one of the closest Serie A campaigns in years. 

      "Compared to previous years, ther are five or six teams all starting off strong and we are all right there," said Barzagli. "The "high end" is confirming that and there are really some great teams. It is a balanced championship, but I don't know if the matches between the top sides will decide it. The one who has the most consistency will win it. It's a 38-game season and right now we are only 10 matches into it."



      Up next on matchday 11 for the Bianconeri is a trip to the San Siro to face Milan. 

      "It will be a very tough battle. We know that they want to win this game and we must give even more. We will have to fight and play well technically knowing that Milan have re-loaded and are better than their current standings suggest," said Bonucci.

      No one will lack motivation. It's sad that Bonucci will not play because it's always good to face the best players even if it's a former teammate I've fought a thousand battles with."


      Immediately after the match with the Rossoneri, an all-important Champions League match with Sporting is on the horizon.

      "The Champions League is a competition that stands on its own with much adrenaline. The important thing is to get through our group and then start a competition open to everyone. We have experienced two finals and know how to play well in Europe. Of course, you have to be at your best against the best."


      Returning to Serie A, of course there has to be a comment on VAR, one of the biggest talking points of the campaign.

      "I think it is helping a lot of the referees, but we are at the beginning and need to wait until the end of the season to judge. I think it's working well but obviously in football we cling to the slightest mistake. It will take some time to perfect. At the beginning, I'm not sure everyone even knows all the rules of VAR. Of course, some things in football will always be there that can't be reviewed every time."


      Finally, a quick word on the national team and upcoming playoff against Swededn. 

      "We have to be calm. An atmosphere of controversy has been created but we are going to the playoff because we had Spain in our group. I see nothing dramatic. We will have to face Sweden doing what we've done for the last year and a half."

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