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      Q&A with Official Fan Club Peru

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      "There is always time to support Juve and we make that effort for the club we love"

      Our third interview with our global Official Juventus Fan Clubs, sees Juventus.com speak to Official Fan Club Peru President, Carlos Mendoza on supporting the Bianconeri from South America. 

      1. When did Official Fan Club Peru first come into existence?

      Our group was founded on 19 September 2016, but we became an Official Fan Club in October 2017.

      2. Why did you become a Juventus fan?

      I became a Juventus fan in the mid-90's when Juventus won the Champions League, and they had great players like Zidane, Del Piero, Montero and so many others. When you're a kid, you usually start following the best team at that moment and that's exactly what happened! From then on I became a fan and always wanted to watch Juventus games.

      3. What made you decide to create a Juventus Official Fan Club?

      I saw on social networks in Latin America that there were several Juventus fan groups who met to watch games and who shared experiences, news and stories about Juventus, however, in Peru I could not find this kind of group. I was sure that in Peru there were many Juventus fans scattered in several cities and that we needed a group to help consolidate and unify us. That is why, together with Humberto Iriarte, the Vice President and founder of this group, we created the group that was initially called, Juventus Peru Fans.

      Once this was done, our vision was becoming an Official Fan Club recognized by Juventus itself. It was a dream and an honour that our country be recognized as an official group, and finally that goal was reached in October 2017.

      4. Where does the Official Fan Club go to watches matches in Peru?

      We usually watch Juventus games in a bar or restaurant that have big TV's. The most common meetings are in Lima, but we have also met for key matches at restaurants in other cities, like Arequipa or Cusco. When Juventus are playing early (for example, Sundays at 8 or 9 am.), we have met at my house and we all have breakfast together. It all depends on the schedule of the matches, but we try to meet for as many games as possible.

      5. Being in Peru it must mean that you watch our matches very early in the morning!

      Yes, it depends a lot on the schedules, sometimes there are matches that are on Sundays at 6:00 am, and the Champions League and TIM Cup matches can be complicated. But even if a game is at 6:00 am many of us put our alarm clock on to get up early and watch the matches. If the games are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 2:30 pm, we try to ask for permission in our jobs to go out and watch it, or some of us even watch the match through our laptops or tablets at work! There is always time to support Juve and we make that effort for the club we love.

      6. What is the atmosphere like at Official Fan Club Peru?

      The atmosphere when we meet is really cool. We are all friends and we all support and enjoy the Juventus matches. We scream, we jump, we applaud, we hug, we cry... we live with passion in every Juventus match, and always with respect and friendship. That makes us strong as a group.

      7. Have you ever been to Turin to watch a Juventus game, and if so what are your memories?

      I went to Turin to watch Juventus vs Monaco in semi-finals in the last Champions League. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, I felt really at home being around so many Juventus fans like me. It really was a great experience that I will never forget. I screamed and celebrated a lot when Mandzukic and Alves scored.

      Also on that trip I went to the training centre in Vinovo to see the players and I managed to get Daniele Rugani's autograph and to see all the players up-close arriving in their cars was incredible! And of course I visited the Juventus Museum and the Juventus Store.

      8. Who is your favourite Juventus player?

      Our captain, Gianluigi Buffon. I have always played as goalkeeper when I played soccer with friends, so obviously I always followed many goalkeepers of different teams. But when I saw Buffon in 2001, he really surprised me and I said that he will be the best goalkeeper in the world, he is a great leader, a great person and everyone respects him.

      9. Are Official Fan Club Peru planning any trips to Turin soon?

      Some of our members have already been to Turin for matches, such as Juventus-Lazio or Juventus-Torino. Currently, one member is planning to go to Turin to watch Juventus vs Milan in March, and we hope many more members will have the chance to visit this year.

      10. How can a Juventus fan in Peru become a member of the Official Fan Club?

      Anyone can write to us on our official page on Juventus.com or on our Official Facebook page and we will reply with details and information that we need in order to register/activate them as Official Members.

      Find the closest Juventus Official Fan Club to you here.

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