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      The Bianconeri's comebacks

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      From 1968 to 2006, here are the great impressions Juventus made in the European Cup and Champions League

      In the European Cup and Champions League, Juventus have turned around the scoreline on eight occasions (after falling behind on the road). Here are their great performances in Torino. 

      1967-68: Juventus-Eintracht Braunschweig 1-0

      Today, the German club can be found in the third division. When Juventus faced them in the quarter-finals of the European Cup, they were enjoying a great moment of form after they won the championship in 1967 for the first and only time in the history. It meant that the Bianconeri were to struggling against Eintracht in the away leg, losing 3-2. In Torino, Juventus were drawing with two minutes to go, through a penalty converted by Bercellino. At the end, the number of goals scored in the away first leg didn't matter: a play-off is what was needed to progress into the next round. In Bern, on a neutral field, Roger Mangnusson decided the outcome of the tie.  

      1972-73: Juventus-Olympique Marseille 3-0

      It was the first round of the European Cup. A 1-0 defeat in France, meant a fight back was needed. Juventus overturned the result with an extraordinary first half. The goalscorers were Roberto Bettega (author of a brace) and the German Helmut Haller. For Bobby-goal, he was free from a nightmare after having been out of action for six months. 

      1975-76: Juventus-Cska Sofia 2-0

      Also in this edition of the European Cup, Juventus was asked to overturn a negativ result. In Bulgaria the first leg result ended 2-1, but at the Comunale, the Bianconeri turned things around with Beppe Furino and Pietro Anastasi.

      1981-82: Juventus-Celtic 2-0

      It was the final 32 and another result needed to be overturned. After falling to a 1-0 defeat in Scotland, the Bianconeri cameback against the white and green with a beautiful passage of play, through two stunning goals by Pietro Paolo Virdis (which was his best game in the Bianconeri jersey) and Roberto Bettega.

      1995-96: Juventus-Real Madrid 2-0

      It was the quarter-finals. To qualify for the final in Roma (and to win it) they had to overturn a 1-0 defeat sustained in Bernabeu. It all started with a goal in the first half. The first from Alessandro del Piero, who managed to score from a free-kick with a ball between the wall. Then it was Michele Padovano who scored the qualification goal: a diagonal ball that Canizares could do nothing about.

      2002-03: Juventus-Real Madrid 3-1

      The match between the Bianconeri and Los Galacticos will go down as a classic comeback, and one which sent Juventus into the final at Old Trafford. They needed to better the 2-1 result sustained at Bernabeu and Juventus managed to score three extraordinary goals, courtesy of: David Trezeguet, Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved, making Zinedine Zidane's (a former Juve player) goal null and void. The two notable moments of the game were: the penalty saved by Gigi Buffon on Luis Figo and the yellow card shown to Nedved in the final moments of the game, cost him his participation in the final in England.

      2004-05: Juventus-Real Madrid 2-0 (after extra time)

      Another game not for the fainthearted. In Spain, the scoreline ended 1-0 in favour of the hosts. In the return leg, the game was still tied and with just 15 minutes remaining, David Trezeguet scored a goal very similar to the one he created against the same opponents a few years earlier. To finalise the quarter-finalists, extra time was needed. Marcelo Zalayeta became the hero of the night after he beat Iker Casillas in goal.

      2005-06: Juventus-Werder Bremen 2-1

      Out of all the comebacks, this was perhaps the most incredible. The Last 16 ended in a 3-2 win over the German side. In the return leg, Werder took the lead through Johan Micoud, however, a crazy final moments in the game solved the situation. Trezeguet scored to make the scoreline 1-1. Then, two minutes from the end, the goalkeeper Time Wiese lost the ball when coming off his line. Cannavaro noticed it and called on Emerson, who pounced on the ball and fired an incredible effort into the back of the net. 

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