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Allegri with a record-equaling 405th appearance on the Juve bench

Allegri with a record-equaling 405th appearance on the Juve bench
Allegri with a record-equaling 405th appearance on the Juve bench
Allegri with a record-equaling 405th appearance on the Juve bench

August 11, 1967.

The most listened-to song in Italy over that time, the song that topped the charts which everyone sang, was “Siamo la coppia più bella del mondo” (We are the most beautiful couple in the world) by Adriano Celentano. No one would have predicted at the time that Massimiliano Allegri - born that very day - would find his ideal half as a football coach in Turin, becoming cornerstone of Juventus' history over the last decade.

The match between Juventus and Udinese represents yet another record-breaking achievement for Coach Allegri at the helm of our team: 405 appearances on the Juventus bench, equaling the number reach by Marcello Lippi in second place in the history of our club, with both now only behind Giovanni Trapattoni who tops the table with 596.

For those who have had the honour of coaching Juventus, 405 is a particularly important number, which the Romans would have written a few centuries ago using their numerical system as CDV - subtracting the one hundred of the C from the five hundred units represented by the D, and then adding another five with the V. A leap back in time that allows us to use those letters to describe a few crucial aspects of Massimiliano Allegri's history as Juventus coach.

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C for Crescita, Italian for Growth | One of the cornerstones of the mantra repeated obsessively by Allegri is that of the group's growth path: everything starts from there, from the ability to improve - always, wherever the starting point. Growing means learning, but also understanding, gaining experience, understanding how to overcome one's limits. This is one of the paths taken by the coach and followed constantly for a decade, both with the development of young players who have been allowed to blossom and with the champions who never want to settle and always aim to improve.

D for Determinazione, Italian for Determination | The ability to continually obtain results over a long period of time comes from the determination with which one pursues their objectives: Allegri is a master in this too, facing every kind of difficulty and opponent with the same approach, maintaining a level of conviction and drive that is a fundamental characteristic of long cycles in professional sport.

V for Vittorie, Italian for Victories | The obsession of earning a result, one of the trademarks of the Juventus, is best embraced by Allegri, who has since reached second place in the history of Juventus in terms of number of matches won as coach. The 11 trophies won from 2014 to today only partially tell the story of the fruits reaped by the coach, who always sets victory as the objective and the goal to be achieved.

CDV therefore, to represent 405 appearances on the Bianconero bench, a combination of growth, determination and victory encapsulating the journey that began almost a decade ago.

Congratulations, Coach!

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