Andrea Agnelli: eight years as president

Andrea Agnelli: eight years as president
Andrea Agnelli: eight years as president
Andrea Agnelli: eight years as president

Today is a significant day for more reason than one: a big Bianconeri party awaits when Juventus parade their Scudetto and Coppa Italia trophies after the final match of the season against Verona, in what will also be a celebration of one of football’s great careers, as Gianluigi Buffon defends Juve’s goal for the very last time.

By an incredible stroke of coincidence, the date bears even more importance as it marks the eight-year anniversary since Andrea Agnelli became Juventus president.

Ever since that day on 19 May 2010, Agnelli embarked on a path to restore the club to the glorious achievements that have determined its unmistakable winning identity.

Eight years later, the 42-year-old has certainly done just that, steering the Bianconeri to seven successive Scudetti, four consecutive Coppa Italia titles and three Italian Super Cups in the process.

Meanwhile, Juventus has backed up its successes on the field with further triumphs off it, as the club continues to lead the way as an example of organisational solidity and financial sustainability.

Agnelli’s ambition, drive and determination have been instrumental in lifting the Old Lady out of a difficult period and paving the way for one of the most successful eras in her 120-year lifespan, whilst constantly laying foundations to ensure an even brighter future.

For it is in his and Juventus’ nature to keep looking forwards to the next goal and the next milestone to reach, as the club plans ahead for a prosperous 2018/19 campaign.

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