Juve-Chivas, post match comments

Juve-Chivas, post match comments
Juve-Chivas, post match comments
Juve-Chivas, post match comments


"A good test: the team has also worked hard in Turin these days and you can see the results. The game was approached well and at times even with a good rhythm, both in the first and second half. I am satisfied with the Under 23 players and also with the new arrivals, who made their contribution. Now let's continue like this, because we want to do well in the next friendlies too. Pogba put on a good performance, there are some aspects to work on, he will be one of the symbols of this team. I liked Fagioli and Gatti, who did well in the lead up to the first goal, although obviously he still has some work to do to fit into the defensive mechanisms."


"Indescribable - what a great emotion to have played tonight, to be here and also to have scored. I can only thank Juve for allowing me to take part in this experience. My family watched me from Italy. It was certainly worth it for them to stay awake at night ... "


"A great evening, even if it was a friendly match for us it is always important to look for the win, and we got it. Chivas are a good team, now we want to do well also in the next matches - it is useful for the season to come. A very strong Juve is forming here, with many quality players, great new arrivals. What is Coach asking of us in recent weeks? To run, run, run ... "


"Fantastic, this is an experience you can only learn from. Observing these players, day by day, is an incredible opportunity to grow. The goal? I read the defender's movement and moved from left to right. And at the end of the game I received the messages from my family watching the game on TV ... "


"A good test, very useful for putting minutes in the legs at this early stage of the season. Pogba? One of the best players in the world, he gives enormous quality to the midfield. Soulé? A great talent - he just needs to be left to work and grow little by little."

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