Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum celebrates 10 years

Juventus Museum celebrates 10 years
Juventus Museum celebrates 10 years
Juventus Museum celebrates 10 years

A special moment. It is 10 years since the doors were first opened at the Juventus Museum. A decade of events, displays and encounters that have confirmed and enriched the museum's aim, that of becoming a bridge between the past and the future. And the numbers confirm its success: over 1.5 million visitors, a number that places the Juventus Museum among the 50 most visited in Italy. If that weren’t enough, the structure has also obtained recognition from the International Council of Museums, an international organisation of museums and professionals committed to the research, conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible. And a reason for pride is that the J|Museum was "sélectionné par Le Guide Vert" by the famous Michelin Guide as one of the museums that must be visited in Turin.

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When it was inaugurated 10 years ago, it emerged immediately how the Juventus Museum was what its President Paolo Garimberti coined as “The chronology of a passion”. This ambitious project had from its very inception the aim of not only telling the story of Juventus, but of making each of the visitors enjoy a special, exciting and memorable experience. Through the synthesis of past and present, of classical exhibitions mixed with multimedia, the Juventus Museum goes beyond the concept of a traditional museum to establishing itself as a place that encapsulates the very essence of Juventus. The full-immersion starts from the Trophy Room, which brings together the Lady’s victories, one of the many stop-off points in the museum's magical atmosphere. In these 10 years the J|Museum has continued to experience history being made, a particular condition that sets it apart from other museums and which has led to constant renewal day after day.

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The Trophy Room collects the meaning of a decade that has no equal in Juventus history. On the day of its inauguration, the league trophy of 2012 was put on display. A new entry that started something fantastic, and not only because there were eight more titles won in a row, or for the amount of other trophies collected, whether the Italian Cup or the Italian Super Cup. At the time, no one could have imagined that so much extra space would be needed for the trophies brought home by Juventus Women or the Under 23 - teams that had not yet been created. The rite of awarding trophies is one of the many that make up the life of the Juventus Museum. Another emotional moment is the expansion of the collection of the historic jerseys, those that celebrate reaching 300 appearances (and beyond) in black and white. And it is customary that new signings learn of the heritage of the Bianconeri world by visiting the museum, an intense crash course in history for those called on to write a piece of it themselves.

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From 16 May 2012 until today, the Juventus Museum has undergone a makeover. Not only has it been enriched with new acquisitions, but the building itself has also been transformed. The J|Sport section was unveiled in 2015, where athletes and followers of the Juve faith donated memorabilia of their own sport, which has allowed visitors to discover how Juventus meets excellence. In the same year, the museum expanded with the area dedicated to current events and in 2017 it was further enriched with the Virtual Room. The Juventus Museum is a place for everyone, without architectural or sensory barriers. For example, in 2020 and 2021, paths for the deaf and the blind were inaugurated.

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Temporary exhibitions have produced further opportunities to experience the J|Museum. The 90-year relationship between the Agnelli family and the club, the century of Hurrà Juventus and the figure of Gaetano Scirea are only a few examples that have concerned the club more directly. Others have proposed a broadening of horizons to other territories, especially art (Field invasion. Art comes into play; Enrico Paulucci - A painter in goal; The art of winning. 34 works of art for 34 scudetti), comics and cinema (Gulp! Goal! Ciak! - Football and comics), and mass culture (Black & White Times - Walter Veltroni displays the 120 years of Juventus).

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Who are the users of the Juventus Museum? 

A detailed profile was drawn up from research carried out by the Piepoli Institute between November 2018 and August 2019, with more than 1500 interviews. The typical visitor has an average age of 39, 84% come from Italy, with Piedmont obviously in the lead (18%), but with a high attendance from Puglia and Sicily (11% each), which further testifies the love for Juve in the south of the country. Among the foreigners, the French are the most present (a fact that can certainly be explained by the proximity, but the appeal exercised by the many players from across the border who have historically worn the black and white must not be downplayed). The most represented professional category are office workers and teachers (42%), and 66% of visitors are married, which leads to visits for 51% with partners and 35% with children, confirming that the sense of belonging has a salient and traditionally active trait in the family. Another interesting fact is that 59% stay overnight, therefore contributing to the category of fans who also visit the city of Turin, impacting local tourism overall.

The average visit lasts 43 minutes and the satisfaction index is very high: all sections obtain a rating of well over 90%, the Temple of Trophies practically conquers unanimity (99%!). And it is particularly significant that as many as 86% declare that they will visit again, evidently grasping the changing nature of the museum, the process of continuous innovation where the past is combined with a vision of the future

The affluence of the public is linked to different time periods. On match days, groups of friends who arrive in Turin to watch the match are in the majority. During holidays, families visiting the city are in the ascendancy, while in spring the tourists are mostly couples. In the summer and in the autumn-winter period, couples and families arrive specifically for the Juventus Museum, which confirms it as an independent attraction, not always linked to matchday.

Finally, worth noting is that 70% of museum visitors combine it with a visit to the Stadium. In these 10 years, about 30 000 Stadium Tours have been organised, another great experience in the world of Juventus.

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