New logo, new identity: A new era begins

New logo, new identity: A new era begins
New logo, new identity: A new era begins
New logo, new identity: A new era begins

A new chapter in the history of Juventus Football Club is about to be written. From today, on the official adoption of the club’s new visual identity, a new black and white era can begin.

The new logo, which will be in use from July 2017, represents the very essence of Juventus: the distinctive stripes of the playing jersey, the Scudetto – the symbol of victory – and the iconic J for Juventus.

These three elements make up the DNA of our club.


Unveiled in January, the new logo represents the very essence of Juventus: the distinctive stripes of the play jersey, the Scudetto shape and the iconic J for Juventus.

The black and white stripes are the defining trait of the new visual identity and can be adapted to fit any setting. The Scudetto represents the club’s determination to strive for victory, now and forever. And finally, the J – that most distinctive of initials – occupies a special place in the heart of every fan.


While Juventus’ new identity will be officially put into action from today, its image and arrival plan have been known for six months.

The first step on this journey was made on 16 January at the Black and White and More event in Milan in which president Andrea Agnelli pulled back the black and white curtain to reveal a glimpse of a comprehensive strategy to convey the club’s philosophy of striving for excellence off the field, to match its achievements of the past six seasons on it.

By way of demonstration of this ambition and reinvention, Juventus took centre stage at Milan Design Week the following month in Wallpaper* magazine’s Holy Handmade exhibition.

The artwork – two precious, handmade marble balls, one black and one white with the club’s iconic new logo crafted in gold in the centre – offered an innovative interpretation of football and a perfect piece of imagery to sum up the ideas that led to the birth of this new visual identity.

In each project and each experience, football will always be the origin, never the end.



Perhaps the most striking change can be found on the 2017/18 **home** and **away** jerseys - the latter unveiled in style at the inauguration of the new Juventus Store - which feature the new logo for the very first time.

Both designs honour the club’s past – echoing back to shirts of the 1980s - while simultaneously looking forwards with the same unrelenting desire to win.



Clean lines and striking simplicity: the club's new visual identity is the symbol of an ambition to go beyond the field of play and export the Juventus style to a variety of sectors, from sport to food, from design to art, from music to fashion.



Naturally, Juventus’ online profile - from its website to its social media channels – also has been given a makeover.

Beyond the replacement of the old logo, and the Juventus App now boast a completely revised new look from its font to its new menus and graphics, designed to create an easier and faster browsing experience.

You may have also noticed a change of profile picture and cover photo on **Twitter,** **Facebook**, Instagram, YouTube, Dugout and LinkedIn.


From Allianz Stadium and Juventus Center in Vinovo to the new Juventus Store and club headquarters, the Old Lady’s spiritual homes have been renovated and are ready to step into the future.

Are you ready to join us?

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