Our Icon... Your Icon!

Our Icon... Your Icon!
Our Icon... Your Icon!
Our Icon... Your Icon!

You have come to know the Juventus logo well these last three years.

The logo along with the new visual identity have been one since 2017. These were the first steps that projected the Club into the future, with a never before seen "change of skin", not only in our history.

It is a journey, which the Juventus Brand identifies itself in its logo, and which over the past three years has been embraced by millions of fans. It is a journey that has always looked to live one step ahead, to Live Ahead.

It is a logo that, besides beings ours, is above all yours: you have seen it around, you have seen it on the pitch, and you have worn it. Now, with the Juventus badge - in fact, Icon - you can unleash your imagination.

The "Your Icon" platform is for the supporters, the fans, enthusiasts and their creativity.

We invite you to visit the YourIcon.Juventus.com platform, log in (or register) and, after downloading the Juventus Icon logo, redesign it in the most original way you desire most.

Once done, you can upload your creations to the platform, which will be visible and shareable on Social Media, and obviously eligible for voting by the whole community.

For those who have the most votes (in addition to two selected by Juventus), prizes will be handed out, along with some surprises!

What are you waiting for? Make Our Icon... Your Icon!

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