Q&A with Official Fan Club Japan

Q&A with Official Fan Club Japan
Q&A with Official Fan Club Japan
Q&A with Official Fan Club Japan

It's never been a better time to be a Juventino as Official Fan Clubs
* are popping up all over the world! Recently, we had more than 20 fan clubs from around the globe at #JuveInter and the Bianconeri world grows larger each day!

Here at Juventus.com we're talking to Juventini all over the world who have started Official Fan Clubs to ask them what made their heart Bianconeri and how they stay connected to the club even if they're thousands of miles from Allianz Stadium!

First up, we talked with Yugo Osanai who heads up Juventus Club Japan!

*Firstly, what made you start following Juventus?

At the 1994 World Cup played in the USA, I was fascinated by Roberto Baggio! He, of course, was playing for Juventus at the time and so I started following the team from there.

2. When was the Official Fan Club Japan born?

We were made an Official Juventus Fan Club in August 2012, and so we obtained the recognition as a Juventus Official Fan Club. Now our club has entered its sixth season and I’m very happy with how it’s going. Our club is composed of a wide range of age groups and we all get along well. We all have a shared love for Juventus!

3. Why did you decide to create a Juventus Official Fan Club?

Since 2004, I had been managing a Juventus fan website on an individual basis. Everyday I received inquiries about the team, the club, tickets, the stadium and Turin. It turned out that there were many fans in Japan interested in the team and I thought that creating an Official Fan Club would be good for everyone.

4. Are there many Juventus fans in Japan?

Approximately 140 people belong to the official fan club. However, there are many more Juventus fans living in Japan.

5. Where can Juventus fans based in Japan come to watch matches with JOFC Japan?

Right now we don’t watch the games in a fixed place. We often watch the matches in various sports bars in Tokyo and Osaka. Someday I would like us to have our own place, just like an Italian official fan club.

6. Living in Japan it means that you watch our matches very early in the morning!

The only problem about being a Juventus fan here is the time difference. Now it is winter time, so there is a time difference of eight hours, which means that matches always kick-off at night. Even though in Japan it might be midnight, we cannot live without Juventus! So we wake up early and watch the match.

7. Have you ever been to Turin to watch a Juventus game, and if so what are your memories?

Yes, I have traveled to Turin on more than 10 occasions since 2002. It is a very beautiful city and during this time, I’ve watched matches at the Stadio Delle Alpi, the Stadio Olimpico and the Allianz Stadium, so I have made so many amazing memories. One of my fondest memories is Juventus-Perugia in January 2004, when Pavel Nedved was presented with the Ballon d'Or award at the Stadio Delle Alpi, and he then decided the match with a wonderful goal!

8. Who are your favourite Juventus players?

For me, it’s always Pavel Nedved, I like his determination, enthusiasm and precisive play. I wish that someday his dream of winning the Champions League will come true. There are many of fans of his in Japan and I hope that someday he will come to visit.

9. What is your favourite Juventus goal of all time?

It is the goal of Alessandro Del Piero against Fiorentina in December 1994. Thinking about the opponent and the flow of the game, it was an exciting and beautiful goal.

10. Finally, how can a Juventus fan become a member of Official Fan Club Japan?

Please contact us on our official webpage, or on our page on the Juventus website, or you can even visit our Facebook page.

For the current season, new memberships are available until 31st January 2018.

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