20 Barcelona Juventus 8 dicembre 2020

Reaction from the Camp Nou

Reaction from the Camp Nou
Reaction from the Camp Nou
Reaction from the Camp Nou

We saw a great Juventus at the Camp Nou, which saw the Bianconeri finish top of the group following Cristiano Ronaldo's brace and Weston McKennie's acrobatic kick. The victory was yet another very important step in the team’s growth, and this was acknowledged through the words of Coach Andrea Pirlo, Leonardo Bonucci and Gianluigi.


“Juve was good, Ronaldo helped with the two goals, but we must congratulate the whole team who played a perfect match from all points of view. The initial attitude was different from the other games, and when you have this desire and this determination, the values ​​come out. We have been good at holding positions, we had prepared to take advantage of the superiority in midfield and both Ramsey and McKennie moved very well. When you have the supremacy in midfield you have the game in hand. This victory must give awareness and confidence in the work we are carrying out. It was important for this and for the rankings. This is a feat, but we must forget it and think about the championship starting tomorrow.”


“We all wanted this Juve, we fielded determination, participation, desire, sacrifice and humility, with an obsessive attention to detail: this must make the difference, this must be our further growth step. We have shown that we have all these things and we must not lose them. These enterprises serve to increase self-esteem and the awareness that by playing with the values ​​we have shown we have today, we can win any games.”

GIANLUIGI BUFFON                                                  

 “I am very excited to play these matches, this is a feat and I will remember this match with great pleasure because it is something that does not happen every day. Today we won as a team and when I say team I mean 30 people. Finishing with a clean sheet was an imperative, conceding bothers me a lot, especially in these games. I want to show why I keep playing: I still enjoy it. I am here available to everyone, I still have dreams and ambitions, but I like to be a support for all the guys, which I really want to thank. First of all Tek, and then all the staff.”


“It was the result we hoped to achieve, we’ve been working for it every day. We got it and I'm happy. We studied Barcelona and the result is the culmination of a lot of work and this victory also gives us top spot in the group. Juve is a great team, with great players and a great Coach: we all know his qualities and he helps me a lot. Returning to the Camp Nou was great for me, but now I only work to grow more and more at Juve.”


“We are very happy. We knew it was a nearly impossible mission to come to Camp Nou and get this result, but we did it. The key was to enter with the right spirit, after 30 minutes we were already 2-0 up and from there we understood that it was possible and we made it happen. This result can be a great confidence boost, we needed a win against a team like Barcelona, which, regardless of the difficult moment, is still a great team. I hope that in the next matches we can follow this path, starting with the match against Genoa.”

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