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      Q&A with Official Fan Club Sydney

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      "It’s always great spending time with other Juventini and supporting the same team from all the way over the other side of the world"

      In the next of our series of interviews with our global Official Juventus Fan Clubs, Juventus.com speaks to Official Fan Club Sydney President, Roberto Canelas on what it's like to support the Bianconeri Down Under.

      1. When was the Official Fan Club Sydney founded?

      We began back in 2012, just before Alessandro Del Piero signed for Sydney FC, so that was very good timing and we were all at the airport when he arrived for the opportunity to welcome a football legend to our city which was pretty special.

      2. What made you start following Juventus?

      That's easy! The colours: black and white, and Roberto Baggio! I loved many of the players when Baggio played and it was easy to fall in love with the club and the team.

      3. Why did you decide to create a Juventus Official Fan Club?

      We started as a close group of friends who gathered together to regularly watch matches and then we all wanted to be recognised by the club we love. Therefore, the best way was to create an Official Fan Club. We are very proud of how we have grown and about the support we receive on the social networks.

      4. Where can Juventus fans based in Sydney come to watch matches with your Official Fan Club?

      Juventini in Sydney can now watch the matches at Caffé Zona. This is a new venue which we have been lucky to build a relationship with and is located at 150 Bourke St, Alexandria.

      5. How often does the Official Fan Club Sydney usually meet?

      We try and meet for all the big matches, but sometimes it's difficult because of the kick-off times, but we are lucky now Caffe Zona has a dedicated owner who is also a big Juventino and is able to open up for the games.

      6. Living in Australia it means that you watch our matches very late in the morning!

      Early morning! Sometimes I wake up at 1am, 3am or 4:45am to watch the games. This means being very tired at work or school. It's definitely worth it when we win, but I have to say, waking my fiancé up with the alarm for the games isn’t the best idea!

      7. Are there many Juventus fans in Sydney?

      There are plenty of Juventini in Sydney. We are lucky that we live in a big city with a lot of Italian heritage so there is a diverse range of fans of Italian clubs. We noticed a lot of Juventus fans during the tour of Sydney back in 2014.

      8. What is the atmosphere like at Official Fan Club Sydney?

      It can never compare to the Allianz Stadium, but the atmosphere is great. It can be stressful, tense, nervy… just like how every other supporter at the stadium is feeling! Even though everyone has woken up early, there is still excitement once the game is on. It’s always great spending this time with other Juventini and supporting the same team from all the way over the other side of the world.

      9. Have you ever been to Turin to watch a Juventus game, and if so what are your memories?

      I have been to three matches in Turin: Juventus vs Parma in 2012, Juventus vs Sassuolo in 2016 and the Turin derby at the Olimpico in 2016.

      The matches at the Allianz Stadium were amazing! It was always a dream to watch Juve play at home and both times I've been there, we have won. The atmosphere was greater than anything I’ve ever been a part of. My fiancé and I will be travelling to Italy for our honeymoon in 2018, so we will definitely come to Turin for a match or two.

      I have also done the Museum and Stadium Tour twice, and this is something I highly recommend when people go to visit Turin. It is something you need to experience to really appreciate and words cannot describe what you feel when walking through the doors.

      10. What ranks as your best ever moment as a Juventus fan?

      My favourite moment would be finally getting to watch a Juventus match at the Allianz Stadium in 2012. I remember everything about the game, the sound, the feeling, the goals, the line-ups, the intensity of the stadium, every little detail. Juventus won 2-0 against Parma with goals from Lichtsteiner and a free-kick from Pirlo, it was a dream come true!

      Another favourite moment of mine was in 2014 when Juventus toured Australia and I got to meet quite a few of the players in Sydney. Gianluigi Buffon and Fernando Llorente were very generous and spent time with the fans, then at the meet and greet we were able get autographs and take photos with the players. It was great to be a part of that and feel so close to the team for a week in our home city.

      11. Who are your favourite Juventus players?

      Roberto Baggio, Claudio Marchisio, Pavel Nedved, Alessandro Del Piero and the legend that is Gianluigi Buffon.

      12. What is the best Juventus goal of all time, in your opinion?

      The goal Claudio Marchisio scored against Parma in 2011 in the first match of the season with an assist from Andrea Pirlo was simply beautiful.

      Also, I have to mention Pavel Nedved's goal against Real Madrid in 2003 in the Champions League semi-final. It was another great moment because of how I felt at the time. I still remember the sound of the crowd on the TV when I was watching, I think I woke the whole house up!

      13. Are Official Fan Club Sydney planning any trips to Turin soon?

      This is something we will be working towards. We have spoken about this as a group and will hopefully be able to arrange a tour for a group to travel and support the team in person, as opposed to waking up at crazy hours to watch the games!

      14. How can a Juventus fan become a member of Official Fan Club Sydney?

      Anyone can write to us here and we will reply with the details / information we need to register them as official members.

      Find the closest Juventus Official Fan Club to you here.

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