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Hong Kong Branch

Juventus' Asian HQ

Looking ahead and guiding change also means turning your gaze to more distant realities and strengthening your presence in the world. This is one of the principles which inspires Juventus' international activity and which is concretised with the opening of a branch in Hong Kong.

The inauguration

Juventus' presence in APAC also became physical, with the official inauguration of the Hong Kong office, located in the central part of the metropolitan area, in one of the most important business districts in the world. It opened with the presence of Juventus Chief Revenue Officer, Giorgio Ricci, and the Managing Director of the Hong Kong branch, Federico Palomba, along wityh the Consul General of Hong Kong, Clemente Contestabile, and representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, Invest Hong Kong representatives, local partners, club friends and sports personalities.


The presence in Asia

The new branch represents the focal point of a strengthening process in the region that already has deep roots: from partnerships with three Global partners - Konami, Ganten and Linglong - and two Regional partners - China Merchants Bank and Costa Cruises - in the presence of ten Juventus Academies in the region, and not forgetting the Juventus Summer Tour last July, which took place in Asia.



The Hong Kong office will play a key role in Juventus' future, offering Juventus the chance to reach 171 million potential fans, and laying the foundations for the development of long-term strategies. The possibility of getting to know the oriental culture and markets in greater detail, Chinese in particular, and at the same time the opportunity to bring fans closer to the history, values and uniqueness of Juventus, will allow the club to increase its fan base and to enhance brand recognition.

A look into the future

The Hong Kong branch, thus, becomes a point of reference to understand more clearly the needs, passions and aspirations of the Juventus fans in Asia-Pacific; but it’s also a tool to learn more about the companies and brands that invest in sports and communication, to have a closer relationship with traditional media and local social media and, not least, with government agencies interested in the development of football. Thanks to the Hong Kong office, Juventus will be able to move closer to its Asian partners by offering them a better service and more innovative activations; therefore, making the partnerships even more valuable.