Juventus Store

The project

The newly Megastore has been developed in order to create a place that would stand for more than a simple store.


The goal is to be perceived as an innovative retail space which consistently represent the values of the club and at the same time may enhance the new brand identity. Visiting the new megastore will be an electrifying experience for any Juventus fan.



The new megastore facility allows a deeper and more functional displaying of more than 600 items now available. In addition, this year we have integrated the adidas and the licensing collection with more than 150 products which have been developed and produced directly by Juventus. A brand-new book shop completes the experience. Fans can now pick from a selected black and white bibliography and a vast assortment of poster and memorabilia.



A multifunctional space dedicated to all Juventus fans. The megastore has been studied to be turned into a perfect set for events. The general outfitting of the store can be adapted and personalized in order to create a dedicated environment for every occasion and festivity. But the real moment not to be missed for any Juventus fan is the traditional Meet & Greet with new players. It is now a consolidated habit to wait for the new idols at the shop for an unforgettable photo and autograph session.



A 4k megascreen, two state of the art transparent ledwalls and two self-checkout have been installed to enhance every visit and make it an unforgettable moment. When entering the new megastore, you will always feel involved and immersed in a 100% black and white atmosphere, this is one of the reasons why 10 hot presses have also been installed that allow the personalisation of the iconic black and white shirts live in less than two minutes.



The shopping experience inside the Juventus Store is enhanced thanks to the presence of the Temporary Stores. The Temporary Store is much more than a simple pop-up (it is in fact completely branded and characterized as if it were a sort of mini Juventus store inside the Store), every fan has access to a whole series of exclusive products from the direct assortment that would otherwise not be possible to sell inside the store.