Juventus Headquarters

The Continassa

The Juventus headquarters is located inside the J Village, with a view to the east of the Allianz Stadium, and to the west, the fields of the adjacent JTC Continassa. Inaugurated on 17 July 2017, the venue - which replaces the previous location in Corso Galileo Ferraris - was created from a splendid renovation of a historic 1700 building, "La Continassa". The building boasts an architectural style that holds true to the original building. As an example; a deconsecrated chapel is now used as a meeting room.

The project

The project, coordinated by Studio Rolla and the Sintecna Studio team in Turin directed by Prof. Paolo Napoli was built by a Milan construction firm Impresa Pessina Costruzioni S.p.A. It started in 2013 with the overall acquisition of the area, which continued in 2015 with the design, and was completed after two years of work in 2017. The 4,400 square meters of headquarters space (which also includes parking space of 20,000 square meters) is home to offices, open spaces, and meeting rooms (with each room dedicated to the years in which Juventus won the title). It allows 300 people, between employees and managers, to perform their functions to the best of their ability across all areas of the club.

Juventus New Headquarters

Club House

Furthermore, inside the Continassa courtyard, there is the Club House, which, after undergoing refurbishments in January 2020, not only houses a restaurant service reserved for employees, but also has a bar area.