Juventus Tv, even more with you

Juventus Tv, even more with you
Juventus Tv, even more with you
Juventus Tv, even more with you

Juventus Tv changes home. From today, in fact, it is completely integrated within the club’s digital ecosystem, therefore within the new and the new app, and becomes the hub of all videos produced by the club.

Browsing inside the platform, you will be able to come into contact with the Juventus world, all within your reach and perfectly categorised to facilitate the search of your favourite videos. With one click it will be possible, from the homepage, to immediately explore the various sections and their extensive content:

  • Men’s First Team: from training sessions to Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League matches, with pre and post-match live coverage, to highlights, press conferences, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes, all through unique images.
  • Women’s First Team: all the matches and the highlights of the Bianconere, with extra content to experience the most important and decisive moments of the season up close and get to know the girls better.
  • Youth: Matches and highlights of the Under 19 and the Under 23, with fixed appointments to better discover the world of the Bianconeri youth sector.
  • History: Juventus’ past is full of incredible stories, extraordinary victories and unforgettable champions. With History, for example, it will be possible to relive the best moments of the Bianconeri history, with the beautiful past intertwining with the present, while the ‘10 key moments’ allows to relive the best emotions. And you will also have a boundless archive of games from the past.
  • Originals: original content produced by Juventus TV, in order to have a unique and exclusive view of the Juventus world. From games seen from a unique point of view, to exclusive interviews with our champions, such as ‘Players on the Road’, all the way to formats such as ‘A Casa con la Juve’ (At Home With Juve) and the specials dedicated to the Juventus Women, which you can get to know better through ‘Fuoricampo’ (Off The Pitch) and Wonder Women.
  • Esports: the entire world of Juventus Esports, with all the games played on eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.
  • Kids: content here is designed for the younger ones, with Jay as a great protagonist.
Matthijs looks at you!

Matthijs looks at you!

The content will be obtainable through three different access levels.

You can choose to view free videos, visible to all, such as training highlights, the best moments of the Bianconeri champions, the Esports team games or the interviews with the players of the Under 23 and youth sector.

To broaden your horizons, you can register for free at, therefore purchasing the Smart Pass, to also have access to highlights 24 hours after the game, historical content, interviews with Juventus Women, Under 23 matches and much more.

If that isn’t enough, the Monthly Pro Pass is available for only €3.99 a month, or the Annual Pro Pass – the most convenient – for €19.99 a year, where you can enjoy all the video content produced by Juventus, namely over 1,500 hours of annual programming. Whether you choose one Pass or the other, you will have unlimited pre and post-match live matches, on-demand First Team games, live press conferences, Juventus Women and Under 19 matches, live or on demand, historical matches, insights, and the most exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews.

A wide selection of content within easy reach: if you are already registered or you already have a subscription to Juventus TV, you can immediately start exploring the contents included in your pass, which will be automatically recognised by the system.

The mobile experience has been optimised so you can enjoy videos anywhere, anytime, whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Starting from today, Juventus TV is also available on Chromecast. All you have to do is click on the appropriate icon inside the video player to play it on your TV.

All thought out for you, to experience together, every moment, in every place, all the emotions that the black and white can give.

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