Business Events

What is the maximum conference audience capacity of the location?

The maximum capacity is 320 people.

What is the maximum capacity for a dinner served in the same room? 

The maximum capacity is 600 people (seating at round tables of 10 people each).

Does the Caterer have exclusivity?

Yes, it has exclusivity.

What services have exclusivity?

Catering and security/stewarding staff.

Is it possible to use the pitch for team building activities?

No, the pitch cannot be used.

What team building activities are available?

The availability may entail a visit to the stadium, a visit to the Juventus Museum and/or entertainment products designed together with the customer.

Is it possible for players to take part in events?

Yes, the presence of a representative of the Juventus Legends is possible.

Is it possible to organize events on match day?

Yes, you can purchase the VIP Corporate Hospitality experience in the Legends Club.

Is it possible to have brochures with floor plans/technical details of the rooms?

We prefer to build the proposal together during the dedicated site inspection.

How many rooms have a field view?

One, the Legends Club.

How many rooms face the field?

Two, the Legends Club and Club Gianni and Umberto Agnelli.

Is there an indoor parking at the stadium for events?

Yes, both for cars and buses.

Does the staff that serves during the events speak English?


Are food intolerances managed during events?


How is it possible to structure the event?

All events are structured on an ad-hoc basis with the customer during the site inspection.

How can I get more detailed information?

You can contact the dedicated office at the email address eventi@juventus.com 

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