Juventus Museum and Tour Allianz Stadium

How long does the visit to the Museum and Stadium last?

The Museum and Stadium visit lasts up to two hours.

Can I visit the stadium without a guide?

It is not possible to visit the stadium without a guide. To access them you need to take guided tours.

Can I buy only a ticket for the Allianz Stadium Tour?

It is not possible to buy a ticket for the Stadium Tour alone. The ticket encompasses a single experience that includes visiting both the Museum and the Stadium.

During the Allianz Stadium Tour, may I skip part of the visit time and therefore get out earlier?

It is not possible to exit the visit before the end, as it is a guided tour.

Do I risk not finding a place on the guided tours?

As specified in the information section, to be sure of taking part in the guided Allianz Stadium Tour, which is subject to limited capacity, it is necessary to purchase the ticket online. The ticket office only sells seats that have remained unsold

Can I purchase gift tickets without a date?

It is not possible to purchase tickets with an "open" date, but it is necessary to choose a visit date when purchasing online.

Is the Juventus Museum open on match days? Is it also possible to visit the Allianz Stadium?

During home games, the Juventus Museum is open and it is also possible to take part in the Match Day Tours; both the opening hours of the museum and those of the tour departures vary according to the time of the match; you can find more information by clicking here.

What is the difference between the Allianz Stadium Tour and the Match Day Tour?

The Allianz Stadium Tour is a guided tour that takes place every day except for match days; the Match Day Tour is the guided view of the stadium that takes place on the match day and guarantees the exclusivity of accessing the venue up to a few hours before the start of the game.

Can I access the Juventus Museum at any time?

Yes, it is possible to visit Juventus Museum, even independently and without a guide, at any time of the day. The ticket office closes one hour before the museum. For opening dates and times, click here.

Can I access the Juventus Museum and Allianz Stadium with pets?

Access to the Juventus Museum as well as to the Allianz Stadium Tour is allowed for small pets only in special pet carriers.

Can visitors with a wheelchair or with temporary or permanent mobility difficulties access the Juventus Museum and the Allianz Stadium Tour?

The Juventus Museum has no architectural barriers and can be fully visited by non-mobile disabled and people with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties. The Allianz Stadium Tour, on the other hand, in consideration of the complexity of the route, which involves long walkways and passages on ramps and stairs, is not suitable for people who are not mobile or have permanent or temporary walking impairments. Ad hoc tours are organized twice a month for people who are not mobile or with permanent or temporary walking impairments: these can be booked by writing to juventus.museum@juventus.com.

In what language are the tours conducted?

The tours are conducted in Italian; at the ticket office it is possible to request the paid audio guide service, subject to availability. The service is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

What does the Allianz Stadium Tour involve?

It is a guided tour that allows you to visit the most exclusive areas of the Allianz Stadium, such as the hospitality rooms, the locker rooms, the Media Area and the pitch. The route is subject to possible variations or restrictions for ordinary or extraordinary works, or events within the venue.

Is the Allianz Stadium Tour accessible with strollers or pushchairs?

In view of the complexity of the route, which includes steps on ramps and stairs, the tour with strollers or pushchairs is not allowed. 

Where can I find more information or send a specific request?

You can send a request to the dedicated email address juventus.museum@juventus.com.

Are there any discounted rates?

You can consult the rates by clicking here

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