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How can I become a Juventus shareholder?

Juventus ordinary shares (“Juventus Shares”) are listed on Mercato Telematico Azionario (“MTA”), the regulated market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

To buy Juventus Shares it is sufficient to be a deposit and current account holder with an authorised intermediary (a bank or an SIM - Società di Intermediazione Immobiliare - i.e., an investment firm), or buy through online trading websites, and communicate the purchase order to the intermediary for the number of shares required. Juventus Shares (as all shares listed on the stock exchange) are “dematerialised” securities, which means that no actual printed share certificate is received when a share is purchased, but only the intermediary's confirmation that the purchase has been made by the “uploading” of the shares to the shareholder's deposit account.  To your benefit, please preventively ask authorised intermediaries about expenses and fees applicable to the purchase, management and eventual sale of shares. Further, we remind you that currently there is no a minimum purchase requirement. To sell Juventus Shares it is sufficient to issue an order to the intermediary to sell all or part of the shares held on the electronic market, optionally, specifying a sell price. 

When does Juventus shareholders’ meeting typically take place and how can I participate?

Juventus fiscal year closes on the 30th of June of each year and the shareholder’s meeting typically takes place in October (usually during the last 10 days of the month). 

The shareholders' meeting is called by the Board of Directors through a notice published on the Juventus website (juventus.com), on the mechanism for the storage of regulated information 1INFO (www.1info.it) and, in extract form, in at least one leading Italian daily newspaper. The notice is generally disclosed by the thirtieth day before the date of the meeting; if the meeting is called to resolve on particular items, specifically determined by law, such term may vary. 

The right to attend the shareholders’ meeting is conditional upon the persons holding voting rights by the end of the seventh trading day prior to the meeting. The right of intervention is attested by a notice that shall be requested to the intermediary and submitted to Juventus by the end of the third trading day prior to the meeting (or at least by the opening of meeting of each convocation). 

A) Juventus introduced the increased voting right (i.e. loyalty shares), what is the current Juventus loyalty shares’ regulation? B) Are there any restrictions on loyalty shares’ trading?

In 2019 Juventus shareholders’ meeting has approved an amendment to the By-law in order to introduce the increased voting right (i.e. loyalty shares), whose purpose is to reward, through an increase of the right to vote (double vote), those shareholders that, by investing on a long-term commitment, can contribute towards a profitable and long-term sustainable growth of the enterprise.

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Juventus By-law each Juventus Share entitles to one voting right, save for the acquisition of the double voting right when one share has been held by the same person (on the basis of a right in rem entitling to the exercise of the right to vote) for an uninterrupted period of time, not shorter than 24 months from the registration of such share in a special list. The full text of the By-law can be found under section “Articles of Association” of Juventus website (juventus.com). Further information on loyalty shares can be found in the “Increasing voting right regulations”, available under section “Voting rights and loyalty shares” of Juventus website (juventus.com).

Please note that there are no restrictions on shares’ trading once they have been registered to be loyalty shares. Please further note that, in any event, in case of transfer of Juventus Shares, the seller will lose the double voting right (when accrued). In this regard, shareholders shall promptly notify the Company any circumstance and/or event, including the transfer of Juventus Shares, which causes the loss of eligibility for increased voting, in order to allow timely update of the special list.

Do Juventus shares have a fixed return that can be forecasted in advance?

No, by definition shares (including Juventus shares) do not grant a fixed return. An equity investment is a risky financial operation; past performances of the Company are in no way indicative of future results and therefore shall not be taken as a reference while making investment decisions.

Please bear in mind that the purchase of Juventus Shares, like any risk capital investments, expose shareholders to the risk that shares value may significantly decrease and may even zero out, with the consequence of a partial or total loss, according to the circumstances, of the capital invested by shareholders in the Company. 

Where are Juventus Shares listed?

Juventus Shares are listed on the MTA, the regulated market organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

Juventus Shares are traded under the ticker symbol “JUVE” and with ISIN code: IT0000336518.

Where can I find Juventus Shares’ current and historical price?

Please refer to section “Shareholding and Title” of Juventus website (Juventus.com) for all information on share price.Performances of investments in Juventus Shares can also be monitored on:- Borsa Italiana website (www.borsaitaliana.it/)- leading Italian daily newspaper- leading financial websites

When did Juventus IPO take place?

Juventus was listed on Milan stock exchange on the 20th of December 2001.

Where can I find incoming shareholders’ meeting dates and information about Juventus financial calendar?

The financial calendar contains the dates of main corporate events of the current fiscal year.

The financial calendar is published on Juventus website (juventus.com) by the thirtieth day after the end of the previous fiscal year in section “Financial calendar” of the website

How many shares have been emitted by Juventus?

Juventus share capital is divided into 1.330.251.988 shares without nominal value. For further information, please refer to Juventus By-law available under section “Articles of Association” of Juventus website (juventus.com).  

Which are Juventus currently listed bonds and in which market are they listed?

On 19th February 2019, Juventus has issued a Euro 175 million non-convertible bond of Euro with an annual fixed-rate coupon of 3.375% and maturity set on 19th February 2024.

Bonds are listed on the multilateral trading facility “Global Exchange Market” of Euronext Dublin with the ISIN code: XS1915596222 and they are unrated. 

How can I stay updated with latest information and news about Juventus?

Juventus is a company whose shares are listed on the MTA and, therefore, is subject to disclosure requirements set forth in legislative and regulatory provisions applicable to listed companies.

Juventus makes publicly available price sensitive press releases in accordance with applicable normative and regulatory provisions.

For historical records and latest news, please refer to section “Price sensitive press releases and Notices” on Juventus website (juventus.com).

Who are the financial analysts covering Juventus Shares?

For information about financial analysts covering Juventus Shares, please refer to section “Analyst coverage” on Juventus website (juventus.com).

Where can I find information about Juventus economic and financial performance?

For information about Juventus economic and financial performance, please refer to section “Statements and reports” on Juventus website (juventus.com). 

How do I contact Juventus Investor Relations?

If you have further questions or requests of clarification, please contact Juventus Investor Relations at this e-mail address: investor.relations@juventus.com

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