Legends Club

      Where can I buy Legends Club tickets ?

      You can purchase Legends Club tickets through the on-line booking system on our website www.juventus.com in the dedicated Legends Club section, by registering for the purchase or, if you are already an E-Member, after login 

      How can I buy Legends Club tickets?

      Once you have chosen the match you want to see and selected the number of tickets you want to purchase (minimum two to maximum four if you are a Private Individual, or minimum two to maximum ten if you are purchasing as a Company), you should create your credentials (nickname and password) or login if you are already registered on Juventus.com.

      Before you submit the Purchase Offer, you must read and agree to the General Conditions that apply to provision of and access to the Legends Club Service. After you have submitted the Purchase Offer, you will receive a message from Juventus informing you that the order is being processed and that in the following days Juventus will proceed with an internal screening process to validate ticket issuance.

      You can check the status of your booking in your Reserved Area by entering the credentials used when making the purchase.

      If you have opted to receive the ticket by e-mail (home ticketing), a few days before the match you will receive the tickets for stand seats by e-mail (maximum of 4 at a time) and the parking pass.

      You must print the tickets received in *.pdf format; a valid ID card or similar is also required.

      Simply print the e-mail as regards the Parking Pass, making sure that print quality is good and in particular that the bar code is clearly legible! 

      The system asks me to enter my E-Member credentials: how do I find out what they are?

      Your credentials are the e-mail and password you used when registering on our website. If you do not possess these credentials, kindly  register using the specific registration form. Registration with the website is free of charge.

      Do I have to enter data about participants immediately?

      It is not necessary to enter data about participants immediately. 

      You can enter this information, or edit it if not already confirmed, until 5 days before the event.


      What should I do if I encounter problems during registration?

      If you are already registered on Juventus.com, but do not remember your credentials, you can click on the Retrieve Password button. If you are registering for the first time and the system freezes so that you can no longer proceed, you can report the problem in the Request Info section and our Staff will contact you to solve the problem.

      Can the purchase order be issued to the name other than the Member?

      During the order process, you will be asked to specify if you are purchasing as a "Private" or "Company". If you are purchasing as a Private, the buyer is the same as the member submitting the order. If you are purchasing as a Company, you will have to enter the Company details and the name of the Legal Representative with powers of signature. In this second case, the order will be issued to the name of the Company.

      Can I use a single account to purchase both as a private individual and company?

      Yes, you can choose the purchasing method for each order. You can also purchase tickets for the same match as an individual (maximum of four tickets per buyer) and as a company (up to a maximum of ten tickets), but submitting two separate orders.

      The internet connection failed before I could complete and send the Order. Do I have to start over again and make a new order?

      Yes, in this case you will have to start over.

      How many tickets can I purchase?

      If you are buying as an Individual, you can purchase minimum of two to a maximum of four tickets.

      If you are buying as a Company, you can purchase minimum of two to a maximum of ten tickets.

      You can ask to purchase more tickets by writing to Request Info 


      Can I purchase tickets for multiple matches in the same order?

      No. The system only allows you to select one match at a time. In order to purchase tickets for another match, you have to make a new order. 

      Is there a limit to how many matches I can purchase?

      No, there is no limit to the number of matches you can purchase.

      Must I have a Juventus Card (previously known as Supporter Card) in order to purchase a ticket for the Legends Club?

      It is not always mandatory to have a Juventus Card (previously known as Supporter Card).

      Tickets purchased by Private Individuals require that you have the Juventus Card (previously known as Supporter Card) only if the persons involved are residents in the region of the away team. In all other cases, the Juventus Card is not required.

      For purchases by Companies, the Juventus card (Supporter Card) is never necessary.

      It is important that the buyer remember when filling in the fields with the data of the ticket holders that he/she takes full responsibility for the data entered and for ensuring that the ticket holders abide by laws on safety in stadiums.

      Can I modify the data of the ticket holders after I have entered it?

      If you have not confirmed the data entered for the ticket holders, you can modify or replace the names printed on the tickets up to 5 days before the match. After this date, it will no longer be possible to change the names of participants.

      How does the "waiting list" work?

      This option is automatically activated when all seats are sold out and allows you to be placed on a waiting list that will give you priority in the event that previously sold seats become available again.

      What payment methods are available?

      Payments can be made by: (i) Credit Card (accepted circuits: VISA and Mastercard), or (ii) by bank transfer which should be made within 3 days from the date of the order. In the amount is not credited by the above deadline, Juventus may reject the booking. 

      If my credit card does not allow me to make a payment in a single transaction, can I split the payment in two instalments (i.e. with two credit cards)?

      No, unfortunately you cannot.

      Once I have entered my credit card number or made the bank transfer, am I sure I will receive the tickets?

      No. As specified in the General Conditions that the buyer is required to confirm to have read and accept, Juventus reserves the right to accept or reject an order. If the order is rejected (i.e. the Purchase Offer), Juventus will refund any amounts previously received as payment for the tickets.

      Once the data of the ticket holders have been confirmed, Juventus will also check public records to verify the accuracy of the data and for any impediments to issuance of the tickets to their name. As specified in the General Conditions that the buyer is required to confirm to have read and accept, if the record check finds valid impediments according to law to the issuance of the tickets to the holders in question, the ticket(s) will not be issued and the holder(s) will not be entitled to a refund.  

      Can I choose my seat in the stand?

      No. Seats in the stands are assigned automatically by the system when the order is placed.

      Can I change the name of a ticket holder for a ticket already issued?

      As specified in the General Conditions, it is not allowed to change the name on tickets  that have already been issued. Please be reminded, though, that If you have not confirmed the data entered, you can enter or modify the names printed on the tickets up to 5 days before the match.

      Do children under 4 years old have to pay for a ticket to access the Legends Club?

      Just as for standard seats in the Allianz Stadium, children under 4 years old can enter the Legends Club free of charge if accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket, although they will not be assigned with a seat in the stands and at table. They must therefore be held by the accompanying adult

      Who can I contact if I have doubts or further inquiries?

      You can ask for information or clarifications using the  Request Info form

      After you have submitted the order, instead, you will receive an e-mail address to contact for inquiries.

      Can I check the status of my order(s)?

      Yes, you can check the status of your booking through the Reserved Area by entering the credentials used when making the purchase.

      Can I modify a Purchase Offer I have already sent?

      No. It is not possible to change a Purchase Offer. You can, however, send any special requests to us using the dedicated e-mail, which we will analyse in detail. 

      Can I request to cancel a purchased ticket and a refund?

      In accordance with current legislation, you are not entitled to receive a refund for a purchased ticket if you choose to cancel it. The only exception providing for a cancellation or refund of the ticket price is cancellation of the event itself.

      How are tickets delivered?

      While defining the purchase, you can choose how to receive tickets as follows. On-line (home-ticketing) to the email address indicated during the purchase, within 2/3 days before the match, or through Accreditation Desk at the Stadium on match-day starting two hours before kick-off, following the directions you will receive by e-mail.

      What documents am I required to exhibit to collect my ticket at the Stadium?

      You are required to exhibit a valid ID document (original) for each ticket holder, along with a print-out of the e-mail confirming issuance of the tickets (e-mail sent to the address stated by the buyer in the order). 

      Can I send a friend to collect the ticket(s)?

      Yes. The person delegated to collect the ticket(s) on your behalf must exhibit a written and signed proxy whereby you authorise him/her to collect the ticket(s); the delegated person is also required to present a valid and original ID document of the ticket holder and the purchase receipt.

      Can I collect my ticket before the date of the match?

      You can collect the ticket at the Stadium only on match day, starting two hours before kick-off. The alternative is to select the home ticketing option. To choose this kind of purchase option, you must have a printer to print out the ticket.

      What is home-ticketing?

      Home-Ticketing is an option you can choose for ticket delivery that allows you to print your ticket for access to the Stadium. Reminder! Make sure that print quality is good and especially that the bar code is clearly legible!

      I chose to receive my ticket via Home Ticketing but I deleted the e-mail with the ticket(s): what can I do?

      If you lose or cancel the e-mail with the tickets for the match, you must write immediately the Account Manager to have them re-issued. 

      Can I order a vegetarian menu?

      Yes. 72 hours before the match you can send requests for special menus and notify any allergies or food intolerances using the Notes field at the time of purchase or by sending an e-mail to the dedicated e-mail account. 

      We will do our utmost to meet all your special needs.

      What are the Lounge opening times?

      The Lounge opens 2 hours before the match and closes 30 minutes after the final whistle.


      Can persons with impaired mobility access the Legends Club?

      The Legends Club stand has 4 seats for persons with impaired mobility available with an admission fee. You are required to specify that you wish to use a special seat when submitting the order. Tickets for these seats are issued until sold out.

      How are table seats allocated in the Lounge?

      The Lounge has tables seating 10 people and seats are assigned at the time of purchase. If your reservation is for fewer people, the table will be shared with other guests.

      If there are more bookings and if you wish to sit together with guests who have made purchases through other orders, you can request this by writing to the dedicated e-mail account. We will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

      How many car spaces am I entitled to?

      The system automatically assigns the following number of car spaces, based on the number of tickets purchased:

      -      from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 tickets purchased: n° 1 parking space

      -      from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 8 tickets purchased: n° 2 parking spaces.

      -      from a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 10 tickets purchased: n° 3 parking spaces.

      Where in the Parking Area is my car space?

      Car parking spaces are assigned in the areas P4 and P10 in relation to the Lounge area assigned.

      Can I receive an invoice for my purchase?

      Invoice are always issued for purchases.

      You can download the invoice directly from the Members Area by entering the credentials used during the purchase by the 15 day of the after the match was played.




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