Juventus Card

What is the Juventus Card?

The Juventus Card is your personal pass to get access to the Allianz Stadium and all stadiums in Italy, even in the event of limitations provided by the National Observatory on sporting events. It is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Click here for more info and to buy. 

Is Juventus Card mandatory if i want to buy a ticket for a single match?

If you want to make sure you will be allowed to buy tickets for each match, we suggest getting the Juventus Card by clicking here. The restrictions for each match are communicated on each occasion by the National Observatory for Sports Events, therefore we invite you to get more info in the "Tickets" section.

Can I give away a Juventus Card?

No, you cannot give a Juventus Card as a gift. You can only give it to a minor under 16 years of age over whom you exercise parental authority, to do so, click here, log in and select the option "I want to buy the Juventus Card for a child under 16" in the first step of the purchase process.

I have purchased the Juventus Card, but I have not received it yet: can I still purchase tickets for which the possession is required?

Unfortunately, not. Currently, it is required to show one's Juventus Card the moment you enter the stadium. For this reason, if you want to buy a ticket for which it is mandatory to be in possession, you must have the physical Juventus Card with you.

I noticed that my registration information is incorrect. can I buy a Juventus Card anyway?

We suggest that you contact Fan Service to correct your data before proceeding with the purchase. This way you can speed up document verification times and subsequent issuance of the card.

I have a problem with the purchase of a Juventus Card, or I have purchased it but have not received it nor have I received any shipping info: how can I get assistance?

Our Fan Service is at your disposal for any clarification and advice. Click here to contact us.

What are the production and shipping times for the Juventus Card?

Your Juventus Card is shipped within 20 days from the date of purchase: you will receive an e-mail with the tracking code. In case the registration info doesn't match the provided document, we will contact you to confirm that it is correct.

Where can I track the shipping of my order?

To track your order click here.

Do I need to wait for the expiration date of my current Juventus Card to purchase a new one?

It is possible to purchase a new Juventus Card either after the expiration date or after deactivating the one in your possession that is still valid (through the specific function on your profile).

Attention: the deactivation operation is irrevocable, and it will not be possible to use the card until the new one arrives.

I have lost my Juventus Card. Is it possible to get a duplicate?

Each card has a unique code and for this reason, it's impossible to produce a duplicate.

If you lose your Juventus Card / Supporter Card, deactivate it using the special function on your profile; if you don't remember the card number, click here to get in contact with the Fan Service.

Attention: the deactivation of the previous Juventus Card / Supporter Card is irrevocable, and you will have to wait till the new Juventus Card arrives to use it.

Can I get the Juventus Card even if I already have the "tessera del tifoso" of another team?

Yes, you can become the holder of loyalty cards issued by other clubs. 

I am a member of an Official Juventus Fan Club. How can I buy a Juventus Card?

Ask your Official Fan Club to purchase your Juventus Card.

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